Tuesday, 15 May 2012

♥  New Shoes May ♥

Crazy story about how these beauties ended up coming home with me!
I was trying on a dress in Jane Norman that'd I'd seen online and wanted a pair of heels to try on with it just to see how it'd look when I was going out. These were the only shoes in my size! So took them to changing room.. I umm'd and arrr's about the dress for a good 10/15 mins before deciding against buying it ,BUT deciding I loved the shoes! They're ssoooo comfy and beautiful! the pink underneath and inside is too cute! Plus they're a great height, not too big that I'm a giant, but big enough to make my standards of massive heels :P
If you're passing a Jane Norman you must try a pair on!
They're £35-£40 depending on colour/pattern. These plain black with pink underneath are £35 =]

Other colours they come in are....


Tuesday, 17 April 2012


A few weeks ago I found a small shop in Essex with the most enormous, fabulous shoes! Of course I had to show you them! The store is called 'Simmi' and it does a variety of heels, flats, boots, sandals and all to die for! I could have easily spent a fortune in the shop! I'll be going back to buy some amazing sandals I saw.

 I waited a few weeks to write the review because I'v only recently had a chance to wear them out. I didn't want to be bias telling you they're amazing just from looking at them. 

They have a 6 inch wedge and a 2 inch platform, pretty high, I no. Despite the shoes being very high, as they are a wedge they're extremely comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus they're an open toe, strap sandal design so no broken toe nails and aching toes after a night out. 
The shoes are made of suede which may be their only downfall as they'll get marks if they get wet, I'll try and check the weather for rain before wearing them. A possible other downfall for some people may be the colour as its very bright and wouldn't match much. Luckily for me I buy plenty of pink so these could be my new most worn pair of shoes!

These wedges are very inexpensive, I've seen similar elsewhere and they are around 50-80pounds. These however were only £25! Bargain! The whole shop in fact is very reasonably priced, which is a great change to the normal British highstreet's rising prices. There are sandals (not plain boring and ugly) in the store starting from just £7! 

I'm in love with these shoes and the gorgeous vibrant colour! These shoes also come in many other colours, not just pink. I remember seeing blue, black, cream and a stunning beige brown. I may go back for the beige ones as they'e lovely and will go with a lot more and are slightly more day time;casual than bright pink. 

I'll Try do an 'Outfit Of The Day' (OOTD) video soon showing the shoes and what I would wear them with and I'll post a photo of a complete outfit with the shoes for daytime and evening clothes. 

The store has a website which I've been browsing and falling in love with. And its the reason this blog has taken me oven an hour to write! The site is definitely worth a look at! However I recommend, if a store is near where you live, go have a look and try some of the shoes on and see the heights of the heels for yourself. On the site the shoes do not look nearly as huge as they do in real life. x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

♥ The Cheaper Options ♥

Whenever there are gorgeous shoes in high priced shops there are also cheaper options that look just as amazing! And if I'm honest i think most of the time they are 100% identical and bought from the same retailer and they just put their own labels on the shoe and sell it as pricey as their brand name! So when somebody has a real Jimmy Choo and you have a shoe that looks identical they may be the same but they just OVERPAID! You can laugh at them, in your head of course, lets not make them feel bad.

Firstly the Kurt Geiger shoes that I myself actually bought for £150, well don't I feel silly when there is an exact match for just £25, and they come in a much bigger variety of colours! I could have bought the whole range, all 6 colours for the same price as i paid for my ONE I stress! ONE pair! But I can't stay mad too long, I love all my shoes =] #ShoeLove
I Found these shoes from boohoo.com which is a great online retailer! I often find exact clothes and shoes which are in high street shops for a cheaper price! Result!

Office Shoes is a shop I love and hate! I love it because it has amazingly gorgeous shoes! I hate it because all their shoes that are in there can be found cheaper in other places! I specially hate it when I buy shoes from there and then casually browsing an online retailer, and there they are half the price!! For example! You've probably seen these shoes in Office at some point, they're always in the window and they're in so many different colours.
However these shoes in the photo do not come from Office! they come from boohoo.com! At half the price. Office do these shoes for £60 and boohoo do them for £30. I have a pair from both retailers and they are 100000% the same! Except the label durr. They're selling their brand to you and not the product! Beware! You can save yourself soo much money by looking around before buying! Why do you think the internet was made? for us Shoppers to find great deals!!

These Wellies are so cute and I've tried to resist but I'm going to buy a pair after this blog! I've seen these in lots of Boutiques! especially around Central London. They're being portrayed as the posh Chelsea Girl boots. They do look rather classy for wellies and that's probably why some Boutiques thought they could stick a price tag of £50 on them! Their only wellies they will be worn in the rain and will get muddy! Luckily I found them better than half price! In fact I found them for just £18! Plus I found a whole range of colours in them too not just boring black and white. Praise again to boohoo.com!
boohoo's shoes actually start from a range of £5! How can you go wrong? click on now! http://www.boohoo.com/

Funny thing, while writing this blog and finding the photos for my comparisons, I found what looks like, my Kurt Geiger Boots I was talking about but in brown! Slightly upset, mine where in the sale and this cheaper pair still beats the sale price by more than half! =[ (tear) I may have to buy the brown ones too. This Blog seems to be costing me more and more.
This is them, I can't see any immediate difference to the Kurt Geiger ones I have. Sale Price mine were £70, and these are £29.99 and they come from http://www.missguided.co.uk/ A TIP TOP online retailer with the most amazing and cheap delivery! I used free saver delivery, which is free or may have gone up to £1 in the last month, for my last purchase of a dress and it still came a day later! Impressive and highly recommended!

Like I said before these spiky shoes are everywhere! All over the high street, river island do some funky versions, new look have a collection of them and of course my favourite, the online retailers have them too!
This pair is from missguided and I picked these because they have an extra dimension of amazingness! They have diamonte's and sparkle everywhere! These ones are £44.99 a huge step down from the £205 Kurt Geiger similar style.
The New looks version of these start from £20 and are just as fab so make sure you have a look!

Hopefully with these few examples you can see there is always ways to save some extra money.
Maybe for your next pair of shoes ;) why buy one pair when you can buy more for the same price =] x


I can't possibly express my love for Kurt Geiger shoes! They're my absolute guilty pleasure in life! No matter how high the heel is or what style or shape the shoe is you will be walking on clouds all day! Their prices are worth the comfort! For this post I had to control myself and put a limit on how many photos I would post or you'd be scrolling down the whole of the Kurt Geiger website.

Their wedges are just too fabulous! I bought a pair last summer for my holiday and wore them everyday with out fail. I can't wait for this summer to get them out again! Also I bought the most incredible pair of wedge boots! I couldn't find a photo online but I'll take one next time i wear them and post it. Or you can just have a nosey through some outfit of the days on my YouTube channel and they are in plenty!

These glittery Golden silvery masterpieces are possibly my all time favourites! They come in 3 diffrent colours but of course I had to have the most stand out which is Gold glitter covered! There's more conservative and day time colours which look more like summery wedges rather than nigh-club shoes. They're from 'Carvela' (a brand within Kurt Geiger) which has the most beautiful range of all types of shoes!And is defo my top choice and style! These Particular wedges are not the friendliest on your pockets. They were £150 when I bought my pair, but my friend bought the same pair in a sale for £70. However they're on the Kurt Geiger website right now for £150 so who knows!?  Carvela has gorgeous sandals in summer time that deserve a look!

If you live in London you must visit one of the the Kurt Geiger shops they do the most amazing displays! Brent cross has an amazing hanging display that looks kind of like a round disco ball thing. I'm just going to find a picture for you as I'm not the best at describing these things!...
There we go >>
That's not exactly the Brent Cross store but that's the exact display so I'm guessing they do the same in multiple locations. E.g Westfields and Oxford Street.

This Next pair is so on trend! The Spiky shoes have been out since last year and people were afraid of them at first. Maybe too punk rock? But they have trended into the top buy for shoes this year! These spiky heels from Kurt Geiger are called Lorissa, from the brand Sam Edelman within The Store. They're new in this month and have sold out multiple times online! Sorry to say, This exact pair will burn a whopping £205 in your pocket! But they will last forever? You can give them to your daughters when they come back into fashion in 15/20 years. HeHe

There are sooo many styles and brands around doing these shoes so you have no excuse not to own a pair! They can range from prices as low as £20! I'll share the secret and tell you where from in another blog =] x


Swarovski Crystal Heels

For anybody that knows me they'll no I'm shoe OBSESSED!
I'm a tall girl, yet I'll buy 8 inch heels because I just love them and they look good, I end up towering over everybody and intimidating all the men. But who cares when you feel amazing with gorgeous shoes on your feet!

I've recently come across the new craze with Swarovski encrusted heels! I'm a typical girly girl soo sparkly swarovski's plus heels is just life changing! You may be thinking I'm slightly crazy buy wait till you see the beauties....

How completely amazing!.. I came across the twitter page advertising these shoes a while ago and bought a pair just out of curiosity, and the moment they came I fell in love and continued to buy and buy from this site! I can't get enough! The prices are fantastic considering the type of shoes and the quality you get, plus the WOW factor and the time somebody has spent personally decorating; by hand gluing crystals on them! HATS OFF!!

Since I bought mine I've had uncountable compliments! Plus I get girls asking where they can buy a pair and how much etc.. etc.. They're a real conversation starter! They get more attention than I do! This particular website sure does sell to the stars too, I see them everywhere! Being a shoe NUT the first thing I notice when looking at magazines and watching shows is what's on peoples feet! Iv'e seen The Geordie Shore cast wearing them, I've seen The Only Way Is Essex cast wearing them, the list goes on! But the point is, YOU must be seen in a pair of these drop dead gorgeous heels! Greatest investment you will ever make!

If you want to see them in action I believe they're staring at ESSEX FASHION WEEK! 8th April 2012 which of course I WILL NOT be missing!! and of course WILL be wearing one of my my own pairs of these heavenly shoes!

Give http://www.thecrystalboutique.co.uk/ a visit for yourself!! The Range of stunning shoes just keeps growing! xxx